About This Site…

This informal site is for people into Radio Control Hobby Cars.

I started this as a way to help other individuals such as myself create “Dream” RCs. For some, RTR (Ready to Run) RCs are perfect and I hope this site will help you learn more about the hobby and give you ideas, suggestions, tips, tricks and how to’s…

However, I see RTRs as a “working prototypes” that I can modify, customize and even butcher to create something new.  I hope some of my projects, tips, tricks, suggestions and how to help you to create your “Dream RC”.

As you grow with me and my passion for RC cars, I hope to provide you with Brief write ups and videos on items I come across (positive or negative) and even better, problems and Ideas I can help you with…

Currently, I have videos of all types using 3 types of cars and hopefully it will continue to grow with this blog. Currently, I have 3 Rc Cars that I use, HPI Apache C1, Traxxas Stampede VXL (2wd) and Traxxas Summit. I have pushed these cars to their limits, butchered, repaired, replaced, changed and even create off the deep-end vehicles and appearances with my crraazzyy ideas and inspirations.

I hope you share my sites with your friends (or enemies if you don,t like my site) so we can share in the fun, competitiveness and craziness of RC Cars.

Two of my favorite creations:

Traxxas Summit (TOP) Stampede (BOTTOM)

Apocalyptic Summit

Apocalyptic Summit

Apocalyptic Stampede

Apocalyptic Stampede


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